My Frustrations With YOUR Health

I’ve only started my schooling in October, and I’ve already gone through highs and lows…The highs are obvious, once I am finished and certified, I will be able to help change people’s lives, give them hope, and educate the average public on natural wellness. 


Us human’s are a stubborn being. My cat on the other hand, if I give him new food that is better for his health (cause he’s getting a bit chunky) he has no choice but to listen to me cause he has no other options.

Where we get our food habits from come from many situations. Mostly we stay with what we know from growing up, or what the TV has told us about food and medicine. A lot of it is just excuses we make for ourselves because we (me too) are scared to change or try new things. Too many people are looking for the easy fix, because it has worked for them in the past. Like drinking Imodium EVERY DAY for your stomach problems, instead of trying to figure out what is causing the problem in the first place (Obviously that would take too much time and effort, I’ll stick with my Imodium). 

So how am I supposed to help people, if everyone seems so stuck in their ways! Wouldn’t you rather just not have the problem at all, then having to cover it up everyday? I’ve been there, and it is EXTREMELY stressful. Being afraid to go out on a date without your Gas X?! (haha)

All I am begging is, in two years, please keep an open mind, and let me HELP you get to the root of your problem. 

Rant over. Really I’m just trying to put off studying Anatomy and Physiology…

-Robyn ❤




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