Canada’s Food Guide Part Two

So after reading the history, I explored the website a little more, and found a lot of things I wasn’t expecting.

-You can take an interactive guided tour of our current Food Guide. Here are some screen shots from my ‘interaction’





They even have an option to “Create Your Own Food Guide”


A few shots from ‘my guide’



So apparently this new interactive website has been around since 2007. They definitely do not do a good enough job of promoting it, encouraging people to take charge of their health with their eating habits. And you’re also telling me it took them 65 YEARS to realize that us as individuals need our OWN food guides?! Call me an anarchist but I still don’t buy it. I give them points for trying. In my food guide they didn’t ask me my weight, or put into account if I was a pregnant woman or not, and in my opinion, having a category of women 19-30 is wayyyy to broad. Even though I am inching closer to 30, and would like to tell myself (and others) that I am still 19, my body is WAY different (WRINKLES?! AHH!). Anyone who knows me, if I tried to follow ‘MY food guide’ I would whither away and die (considering I have a gluten allergy). But I am glad I took the time to do my research, instead of jumping to conclusions. And I know a lot of you didn’t even know about this new fangled website.

Check it out if you’re curious, its filled with lots of information. But I pretty much summed it up.

And if you’re also curious…First Nations, Inuit, and Metis have their own food guide. (Interesting)


I hope this has been of some interest to you. Now I am interested in exploring food guides of other countries!…….must study….

❤ Robyn


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